The Power of Observation in Creative Writing

Creativity is not nearly waxing eloquent about the fantastic thing about a

woodland stream or a rugged seashore. In truth, probably the most troublesome

creativity is commonly probably the most rewarding: being inventive with the on a regular basis

elements of life. Which means being observant about the whole lot -- and I

imply the whole lot -- around you.

Begin with this train:

Sit down on in a park, the mall, Starbucks -- wherever there are a variety of

sights, smells, sounds. Use all 5 senses to soak up your environment.

Do you hear the scraping of dry leaves or the hiss of the espresso?

machine? Do you odor the richness of damp earth or the aroma of

espresso, or are you overwhelmed by the cologne of the person sitting subsequent to

you? What does the bench or chair or floor really feel like underneath you?

Take all of it in. Then write!

Seek for the very best phrase to explain every single sight, odor, gesture,

feeling, sound, and anything you possibly can consider. In case your writing is

lacking any of the 5 senses -- sight, odor, sound, contact, and even

style -- return and rework it.

Creativity by way of remark is a variety of work, however, as soon as you've got mastered

it, your writing will probably be all of the richer and extra rewarding for the addition.

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