Technical Writing - The Difference Between a Process and a Procedure

In Shakespeare's Henry IV, Half 1, Act III, Scene 1, in an argument about the best way to divide a chunk of land, one character says that he'll "cavil on the ninth a part of a hair." Cavil means to quibble over an unimportant level. Even higher, it is actually an annoying and trivial objection. The rationale for mentioning it is because there's typically a wonderful line between caviling and getting it technically proper. Right here at The Tech Author's Instrument Equipment, the overall view is that each phrase has a particular that means, and no two phrases ever have precisely the identical that means. Is it a cavil to insist that there is an essential distinction between a process and a course? They each imply an approach to get one thing carried out. Is altering a tire a course or a process? Did you simply undergo the (course of or process) of refinancing your private home?

Process - The dictionary provides the etymology of process as a French phrase, proc├ędure, from the procedure which implies to proceed. To proceed is outlined, merely, as to go ahead and the process is outlined as a fashion of continuing. We have now to transcend easy definition to utilization. In American English, the phrase is used, most frequently, to designate a novel kind of enterprise. So, we have a medical process and nomination process. A process, then, is a single exercise, consisting of a number of steps, carried out to perform a particular consequence. - That is the process we use to elect our officers.- The physician mentioned the process is easy sufficient to be carried out in his workplace.- It is a lengthy and complex process that has to be carried out fastidiously.

The course of - Beginning with the dictionary for the etymology, we do the type of a loop round to seek out a course of comes via Center English and Outdated French from Latin prMcdere which means to advance or proceed. Sounds loads like a process. However, the definition, of course, exhibits a distinction. It says a course is a collection of actions that convey a couple of outcomes. Generally, that result's an accomplished process. The excellence holds up generally utilization in a variety of fields. For instance, we discuss a hair coloring course, occasions now in course of, and processing an order. In Regulation, the course is outlined as the entire judicial continuing (process). In Engineering, the step in altering iron into metal is a course of. In Pc Science, it means performing operations on information, which is completed by a processor.

Based mostly on common utilization, then: - a process is a complete operation - the whole set of actions - that ends in some desired outcome- a course of is the collection of particular person steps throughout the process that's adopted to realize the end result is The distinction is that it's essential to observe a course of so as to full a process. That might imply that saying, "The method of getting a haircut is boring" doesn't suggest the identical as saying, "The process of getting a haircut is boring." It is dependent upon whether or not you are saying that the person's steps are boring or the entire operation boring. Two completely different phrases: two completely different meanings? We predict so. What about you?

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